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Mijn huis moest per direct worden gedesinfecteerd worden. s'Avonds gebeld en de volgende dag kwamen ze al langs. Professionele en snelle service!
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Houssain Maada
Houssain Maada
Huis helemaal gedesinfecteerd middels hun ULV verneveling techniek. Erg tevreden over de dienstverlening!
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Annabelle van der Gevel
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Simon Amsterdam
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Cleaning companies: essential for combating corona

A professional environment is a clean environment at the time of the current corona pandemic. This is where cleaning for companies comes in! To ensure the safety of you and your environment, it is a smart choice to have your business premises disinfected and disinfected by specialists. Cleaning company Ozon Cleaning Services uses a unique disinfection method to keep your business premises completely virus-free. You can count on us for cleaning for companies.
A specialist close by everywhere in the country
Safe, effective and reliable disinfection with our corona cleaning company
Protection against fungi, bacteria and viruses such as corona
No work delay: you can get back to work immediately after the treatment.
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Fighting the coronavirus by cleaning companies

A virus like the coronavirus is a virus that is not only transmitted by people themselves. Door handles and
other contact points such as lift buttons are a great risk of contamination. Our specialists can make the environment corona-proof again by means of cleaning for companies. This way you can work in a safe environment!

Commercial cleaning

The whole world has been struggling with the persistent coronavirus for many months. Preventing infections is also the top priority within companies. To achieve this, a corona cleaning is an effectivemeasure for companies. No matter how well everyone keeps to the 1.5 meter distance, an infection
can easily be found in a small corner. Prevention is better than cure! With our professional disinfection, Ozon Cleaning Services ensures that your business premises are completely corona-
free. With us, you are assured of the following benefits.

We come on location to carry out the disinfection. This protects your employees and customers against bacterial and viral infections and offers you a safe and healthy working environment.

About Ozon Cleaning

With years of experience, Ozon Cleaning Services takes care of the cleaning job for you. For example, business premises in Amsterdam and nationwide are spotless again! In accordance with the safety requirements of the RIVM, we disinfect thoroughly and ensure that your environment is corona-free.

Our enthusiastic and certified cleaning specialists are happy to take care of the disinfection, cleaning and cleaning for you. Are you looking for a cleaning company in Amsterdam for the
cleaning of companies or do you have a specific request? We like to help you. Cleaning and disinfection is a profession in itself.
That is why we have made it our profession! If you are looking for a cleaning company in Amsterdam or nationwide, you have come to the right place at Ozon Cleaning Services .

The Ozon method for commercial cleaning

We clean using the Ozone method: nebulization based on hydrogen peroxide. This method kills 99.9% of all viruses, bacteria and fungi in a human and environmentally friendly way. A guarantee that no other method can offer. During cleaning at companies, a disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide and lactic acid is blown into the room by means of a strong atomization.

This creates oxygen radicals that have a more powerful effect than alcohol or bleach. Touch points such as door handles, (sports) dumbbells, gym equipment, toilets, tables, chairs and cutlery etc. are also treated in this way. Vulnerable equipment, such as computer screens and keyboards, are cleaned manually. Our employees carefully follow the safety measures prescribed by the RIVM. Your safety and that of your employees and guests are our top priority at all times.

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Please contact us and protect yourself and your loved ones. It is also possible to request a quote
for cleaning for companies.
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Friendly to people & the environment

A sustainable way of fighting viruses.

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