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Mijn huis moest per direct worden gedesinfecteerd worden. s'Avonds gebeld en de volgende dag kwamen ze al langs. Professionele en snelle service!
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Houssain Maada
Houssain Maada
Huis helemaal gedesinfecteerd middels hun ULV verneveling techniek. Erg tevreden over de dienstverlening!
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Annabelle van der Gevel
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Simon Amsterdam
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Deep cleaning of your premises

Does your property need a thorough cleaning? Our enthusiastic and certified employees take care of the cleaning job for you. Deep cleaning in addition to daily maintenance is necessary. Especially when it comes to places where optimal hygiene is important. Professional kitchens and washrooms require periodic deep cleaning. Thorough cleaning by Ozon Cleaning Services can offer cleaning specialists a solution here.

Dust, grease and dirt also settle in and behind equipment and sanitary facilities. Something you want to prevent by thorough cleaning on time! Our passionate cleaning specialists are not only available for daily cleaning, but also for jobs that require thorough cleaning.
A specialist close by everywhere in the country
Safe, effective and reliable disinfection with our corona cleaning company
Protection against fungi, bacteria and viruses such as corona
No work delay: you can get back to work immediately after the treatment.
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Fight the coronavirus with the thorough cleaning of Ozon

A virus like the coronavirus is a virus that is not only transmitted by humans themselves. Door handles and other contact points pose a great risk of contamination. A virus can survive at these contact points for up to 72 hours. The best way to provide you and your customers with up to 99.9%
safety is through our effective disinfection method with thorough cleaning. Daily or periodically, we provide our customers with the most efficient cleaning service as a cleaning company in Amsterdam.

Professional cleaners at Ozon Cleaning Services

At Ozon Cleaning we have many years of experience with thorough cleaning of sanitary facilities and kitchens. Our certified cleaning specialists know how to spotless your areas in a professional and reliable way. We provide our services in Amsterdam and nationally. If you are looking for a cleaning company for thorough cleaning, there is only one address: Ozon Cleaning Services!

About Ozon Cleaning Services

With years of experience, Ozon Cleaning Services takes care of the thorough cleaning for you. This way, your spaces in Amsterdam and the surrounding area are spotless again! In accordance with the safety requirements of the RIVM, we disinfect thoroughly and ensure that your environment is
corona-free. Our enthusiastic and certified cleaning specialists are happy to take care of the disinfection, cleaning and cleaning for you.

 Are you looking for a cleaning company in Amsterdam for thorough cleaning or do you have a specific request? We like to help you! Thorough cleaning is a profession in its own right, which we know a lot about. If you are looking for a cleaning company in Amsterdam or nationwide, you have come to the
right place at Ozon Cleaning Services.

How does a thorough cleaning work?

During a thorough cleaning, we clean hard-to-reach places extra well. Veilig en secuur halen we onderdelen los en verplaatsen we apparatuur waar nodig is. Schoonmaken doen wij aan de hand van de Ozon methode: verneveling op basis van waterstofperoxide. Een methode die 99,9% van alle virussen, bacteriën en schimmels op een mens- en milieuvriendelijke wijze doodt. Deze garantie kan geen enkele andere methode bieden.

We remove parts safely and securely and move equipment where necessary. We clean using the Ozon method: nebulization based on hydrogen peroxide. A method that eliminates 99.9% of all viruses, kills bacteria and fungi in a human and environmentally friendly way. This guarantee cannot provide any other method. We manually clean vulnerable equipment during a thorough cleaning. Where necessary, Ozon Cleaning Services disinfects the necessary parts, contact points and surfaces, so that grease, dirt and dust do not have a chance to settle. Deep cleaning not only ensures that your equipment and sanitary facilities last longer, it also ensures a healthy and safe (work) environment for you and others. At Ozon Cleaning Services, we carry out the thorough cleaning in accordance with the HACCP guidelines. In this way we assure you of a spotless working and living space!

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Please contact us, and we will get the cleaning job off your hands. It is also possible to request an offer.
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